Typical Cost Of A Custom Tattoo Design

By: AmitP

Size and Detail

With any product, size is a very important factor. A tattoo that is considered large or covers up a sizable portion of your body is pricey. However, some small tattoos cost more than large ones because of the elaborateness of the design. Most body design tattoos are expensive because of the fact that a custom tattoo design for a specific part of the body is made to fit the exact contours of the body. So it is safe to say that the more intricate the design, the higher the cost. True quality has its price.

Color and Themes

Most tattoos are coal black, but once you add a color, the price changes. A multicolored tattooed costs more than a single colored tattoo. Prices range from $50 to $100 for one to three variations of color. The more elaborate it is in using color, the more expensive it will be, maybe up to $500 or more. However, colored tattoos are expensive in that you have to do a re-coloring of the design if the color fades, which means maintenance is also costly.

Tattoo Artist and Designers

The price depends on the kind of artist or designer you will get to do your tattoo or design. A new tattoo artist or designer will charge less than the standard pricing. Price is parallel with the skills of the artist. Seasoned tattoo artists are expensive regardless of the design, some even charge according to the time they spend creating the tattoo. Tattoos are considered the modern artwork of today, and that is why it is costly. Names like Chris Garver, Guy Aitchinson, Paul Booth and Kat Von D are just some of the well known tattoo artists in the world today.

The Region

Just like any service or product, the price of a commodity depends upon the demand. In economics, if a demand is high it is more likely that prices will also be high. There is what you could call hot spots in the tattoo arena. You will find that tattoo hobbyists, enthusiasts and seasoned artists gather in these places. Do not be surprised if the cost of a simple tattoo and the artists services are expensive. These hot spots are the Beverly Hills of the tattoo world, where everything is good quality, but also high-priced.

Tattoos are not like paintings; they cannot be valued. However, you should bear in mind that a tattoo will last a lifetime, so do not compromise on price. Your tattoo is part of who you are. What is more valuable than that?

Source: Articledashboard.com

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