Celtic Design Tattoos

This is probably the most common style of Celtic tattoo. The braided patterns of this design represent the constant cycle of life and deathno start and no end. Often the knot works form particular geometric shapes, such as triangles and circles. When these 2 shapes incorporate, it generally makes a trinity knot that signifies the mind, body and spiritor at the same time, the Dad, Child and the Holy Spirit.

Cross Designs
This pattern type is based upon the Latin cross and typically has a ring at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. The Celtic cross is a sign of the union of earth and the heavensthe vertical bar stands for the spiritual world, the horizontal bar stands for the earth, while the ring is a sign for the Creators eternal love for humanity. Inside the cross, you can likewise find continuous spiral patterns that symbolize the continuous existence of love and spirit. The Celtic cross is a terrific representation of the Celts faith and love for their Creator.

Tree of Life
The Celtic tree of life is similar to the cross in the sense that they both build a connection in between heaven and earth. A typical picture of this design is one where the trees roots are grasping the earth and its branches are connecting to the sky. The trunk of the tree of life functions as the meeting point of these two worlds.

The Celtic heart is frequently described as the love knot tattoo. It generally stands for the unity of souls, and its design begins with a line that at some point becomes a heart-shaped knot. If youre trying to find a more charming pattern, then Celtic design tattoos that are based on heart patterns are the ones for you.

Celtic Claddagh
Another design that also consists of a heart in its design is that of a Celtic Claddagh. The heart is usually shown wearing a crown and being held by two hands. Naturally, the heart represents love; the hands typify relationship, while the crown means loyalty.

Spiral Designs
As discussed in the past, spirals make up the constant lines that form into more challenging patterns. They normally symbolize the immortality of love. If you choose a simpler tattoo however with a special meaning, choose Celtic design tattoos with spiral patterns.

Labyrinth Designs
Likewise understood as essential and step patterns, the maze is the representation of ones journey throughout the joys and difficulties of life. The open and blocked paths represent the chances and barriers that are normally come across in ones lifetime.

Animal Celtic Design Tattoos
The Celts have constantly believed that animals have a terrific function and involvement in the harmony of nature. Below are some examples of animal Celtic patterns and their particular meanings:

Bull strength
Butterfly transformation and rebirth
Crow death
Canine commitment and luck
Dragon magic and power
Horse beauty, rejuvenation, speed and vigor
Lion nobility and strength
Peacock pureness
Snake fertility, recovering and rebirth

Ideally after reading the top 7 Celtic design tattoos , you should be able to discover the most suitable design that fits your image. Simply make certain to offer it a bunch of idea before going to a tattoo shop.

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